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Thank you for stopping by, I'm so happy that you wanted to look at what I'm passionate about. I'm passionate about telling stories, and not just any story, but your story. I want to be there for you, and for your family during all those magical and heart-wrenching moments. Telling a heartfelt story is about you, it's about us being comfortable with one another and really meshing together, an authentic story cannot be told any other way. I hope you find some neat stories in here, and just maybe you will want to share yours with me too. Enjoy.


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I have always believed in the importance of photography. The memories that can be captured and cherished. I'll never forget one of the last photos I ever had taken with my dad before his death and to this day it sits on my desk. I want to be there for you to capture everything that is important to you. Cherish the memories and love the moments.


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