Puppy Love | Cannon Family | Troy, MO

Have you ever tried to get three dogs all looking at you?! Let me tell you, it wasn’t my easiest feat. These three pups belong to my brother Taylor and his new wife Leslie. They are quite the crew, all with a different personality. Gracie, the black lab, is the oldest of the crew and has a calm about her now unless one of her younger sisters are bugging her. Luna, the mini Australian Shepherd, is about the cutest little thing you have ever seen. She has that classic smile that only Aussies can give. Callie, is half German Shepherd, half wolf, she is a little more cautious but very sweet once she warms up to you.

I was so happy we were able to get them all together in one frame, it’s such a struggle with fur babies. So for the first time ever, please welcome Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Cannon with their three beautiful fur babies.