Century Family Farm | It's Sold | Winfield, MO

As some of you may know, I was raised on a family farm in Winfield, MO. It belonged to our family for more than 125 years, passed down from generation to generation. This past Friday, on July 27th, 2018, it was officially SOLD! It was a hard day for me, I never saw this farm being sold in my lifetime and wished it would never be sold ever. Some things just do not go as we plan or wish. 


Without getting into all the details, it wasn't something that I wanted but something that could not have been prevented. There's a lot of family drama that goes into that story that I don't need to hash out here, but just know, it hurt my soul a little, what am I saying, it hurt a ton. 

This was the place I called HOME for 20 years. This is where I was raised. All of my fondest memories are held there. Pretending to be Jim Edmonds in the side yard while I tossed a softball up in the air and tried to catch it, fishing in the pond out back, picking blackberries for people to make pies and just enjoying the rustic red barn and farmhouse that I called home. 


I will never get over having to sell this farm, the place that I always imagined raising my own family someday. However, I did visit a lot in the last 6 months, I took photos to print and hang in the home that I will be raising my little ones in and I'm bummed that they will never know this family farm like I did. I'll tell them stories about it, and I'll show them how beautiful it was, but those things just won't be able to do it justice.

I hope the next owner understands and respects the history of it, but if not, I'll always remember it. 



I was raised in a small town on a 100-acre century family farm. It was a little slice of heaven to grow up on. 

My grandma owned the property and had lived there as a child but never as an adult. My parents raised me on that farm. For 21 years, it was the only home I had ever known. 

Summers were filled with fishing in the pond, exploring the wooded fields and walking down by the creek, riding my bike down the dirt road and picking blackberries for my dad. Winters were filled with building snowmen and sitting by the fireplace. I couldn't have asked for a better place to call home during my childhood. 

Time has taken its toll on the home that I loved. The red barn isn't as vibrant or strong as it used to be. The forest green shutters are nearly void of their color. Our playground barely stands any longer and the long flower bed is no longer but despite all of that, I still see this place as home.

As a young girl, I always thought I would raise my own family there but life took some turns and that's not how it turned out. Soon the farm will be owned by someone else, it's nearly 130-year history in the same family gone. I wish it didn't have to be so, I wish my babies were running through the fields as I watched from the back deck but nevertheless, this place will always be HOME.