Waiting for baby Willow | Maternity Photography | St. Louis, Missouri

I met Kimberlina a few years ago while playing slow-pitch softball up in Troy, MO. She automatically strikes you as someone who works so hard for what she wants in this life. I remember when she first started dating Mike, it was during that first softball season. 

I loved this whole session. Kimberlina and Mike were effortless. Mike doted on Kimberlina during the entire session, helping her put on her shoes, opening the car door for her, even leaving a little flower on her door when the session was over. You can tell how much love is there for these two soon-to-be parents, Willow is going to be so incredibly loved. Also, how adorable is that name?!

Congratulations you two, I can't wait to meet baby Willow!


I'll take it...

This was the second year that I entered the Shoot & Share contest and honestly, I never knew how I placed last year. I never looked at the results. This year, however, I learned that you could see how you did on your images. My only goal was to submit a few shots and see where it took me.  I only submitted about 15 photos out of the allotted 50 this year, and the results are in.

I had one image place in the top 20% and another image place in the top 30%. I was pretty pleased with that. I'll take it and plan to do even better next year. The winning images are below. 


This image is from my cousin Ashley's session with her newborn Amelia. She wanted to have an in-home lifestyle session and I just loved how it turned out. We took this photo in the master bedroom, we had everyone line up and lay down so we could see all their feet (big and small). 

This second image is my top 30% placer and this is one is even more near and dear to my heart. This is where I grew up. My family farm, where I lived 20 of 31 years. I was driving by when it started snowing and I couldn't help but stop and take some photos of the place that holds so many of my memories. 

I may not have done amazing or excellent but I'm happy, there was progress from the year before and I can't wait until next year. 


I was raised in a small town on a 100-acre century family farm. It was a little slice of heaven to grow up on. 

My grandma owned the property and had lived there as a child but never as an adult. My parents raised me on that farm. For 21 years, it was the only home I had ever known. 

Summers were filled with fishing in the pond, exploring the wooded fields and walking down by the creek, riding my bike down the dirt road and picking blackberries for my dad. Winters were filled with building snowmen and sitting by the fireplace. I couldn't have asked for a better place to call home during my childhood. 

Time has taken its toll on the home that I loved. The red barn isn't as vibrant or strong as it used to be. The forest green shutters are nearly void of their color. Our playground barely stands any longer and the long flower bed is no longer but despite all of that, I still see this place as home.

As a young girl, I always thought I would raise my own family there but life took some turns and that's not how it turned out. Soon the farm will be owned by someone else, it's nearly 130-year history in the same family gone. I wish it didn't have to be so, I wish my babies were running through the fields as I watched from the back deck but nevertheless, this place will always be HOME.